It’s May 2020. The UK has been in lockdown for over a month leaving many people feeling isolated and anxious. Photographer Nick Pumphrey turned to […]

Uzbekistan Odyssey – A Travel Video | Sony a6500

Two millennia ago, Uzbekistan was once the cradle of culture and trade right at the center of the ancient silk road. Nowadays, It is well-known […]

3 Min Indonesia

We spent 2 weeks in some pretty remote parts of this beautiful country. We started our adventure on Alor Island where we were invited in […]


Last month I called up some friends and we planned a 2 week road trip through Turkey. We started in Istanbul- one of my favourite […]

Johnathan Williams (18 points) Highlights vs. Windy City Bulls

Johnathan Williams (18 points) Highlights vs. Windy City Bulls, 03/06/2020

The impact of coronavirus on those with dementia and their carers – BBC Newsnight

After year of financial battering in the care sector, many are closing services or are on the brink. Could the prospect of being a carer […]

Trump calls claims he paid no income tax for 10 years “fake news”- BBC News

On the eve of the first televised debate in the US presidential election, Donald Trump has been dealing with a wave of new allegations about […]

Bill Murray’s Golf Company Sends Humorous Reply to Doobie Brothers’ Legal Threat | RS News 9/28/20

The lawyers representing Bill Murray’s golf apparel company sent a humorous response to the Doobie Brothers after the band issued a similarly comedic letter that […]

Finding Your Own Place with Kimi Werner and Mercedes-Benz – NOWNESS

Kimi Werner is a professional freediver and one of the most decorated spearfishers in the world. She has dived all five of the planet’s oceans […]